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Vietnam Veterans Vacations & Tours

Going back to the battlefields of your youth can be difficult, but it can also be a rewarding and settling experience. There are many reasons to return to Vietnam, they are as personal and individual as each of the veterans who have return. If you decide that you would like to return to Vietnam, this is an opportunity to join fellow veterans, some with whom you may have served in-country with and others with whom you have that common bond, the Vietnam Experience.


Vacations in 2010


vietnam in the wars - veterans TOUR 14 DAYs (PEV-DMZ14)

Visiting lots of former battle areas and importantly provide some of the best sightseeing attractions the country has to offer.
Starting at: $1646.00*

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tay ninh - pleiku - kontum - dakto - qui nhon 11 DAYS (P72-DMZ11)

Visiting former battle fields and US military camps in Pleiku, Kontum, Dakto, QuiNhon, ...
Starting at: $1745.00*


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* Price is subject to change without prior notice.