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Beaches of Vietnam Vacations & Tours

Sun, sand, sea and surf make the beach tours of Vietnam unforgettable. Water sports and marine life add to the tourist attractions of the beach tours of Vietnam. The sun and the stunning scenery make the beach tours of Vietnam picture perfect. For the fun lovers windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing, yachting, scuba diving and a host of other water sports are a must try while enjoying the beach tours in Vietnam.


Vacations in 2010


saigon - condao TOUR 5 DAYs (PEV-BE5-1)

Visiting prison system to imprison political prisoner during French colonist and American.
Starting at: $350.00*

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phanthiet 3 DAYS (EV11-03)

Visiting popular summer resort. It is famous throughout the country for its fish sauce with Viet Nams favorite brand.
Starting at: $195.00*

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saigon - phuquoc 5 DAYS (PEV-BE5-2)

Enjoying with sun and sea at the Vietnam's largest island and the destination in transition.
Starting at: $429.00*


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vietnam - break beaches 15 DAYS (EV19-15)

Imaging journey from South through North of Vietnam. Visiting almost every famous beaches and destination along the countries; Saigon, CanTho, PhanThiet, NhaTrang, Danang, HoiAn, MySon, Hue, Hanoi, Halong.
Starting at: $1755.00*

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* Price is subject to change without prior notice.