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South Korea Vacations & Tours

South Korea or The Republic of Korea is precariously sandwiched between two super powers, China in the west and Japan in the east. History bears testament to the fact that South Korea had to bear the brunt of the expansionist ambition of these two giants. It is, however, the pride of the people, their love for the beautiful land that they call their home, their religious beliefs and their unique culture deeply rooted in traditions, that has kept the identity of this small nation intact. With a republican government at the helm of affairs, the 48 million strong populations have the luxury to practice any religion they choose. Separated from mainland China by Yellow Sea and from Japan by the Sea of Japan, South Korea is the last remnant of Cold War Theater. Even today Korea plays the host to a US battalion.


Vacations in 2010

South Korea Discovery (MA-MVA03)

Inclusive tour of South Korea, visiting Gongju, Buyeo, Jeonju
Starting at: $829.00*

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Perfect introductory tour of South Korea for all seasons.






* Price listed does NOT include round-trip airfare from SFO/LAX to Seoul.